5 At-Home Summer Ideas With Kids


bugaboo hot pink city stroller

In a week, my little Hayden is graduating from preschool. I can’t believe it, she’s growing up SO fast! Remember these very first pictures I posted of her when I started my blog? She has grown so much since, right?!

Anyway, this also means that summer is kicking off around here. It’ll be nice to have Hayden & Hadley at home more. I love watching them bond and play together. The whole sister thing is just too sweet!

The only thing for me is that my workload is not slowing down, so in order for me to get any work done at home, I need to have tons of easy and fun activities to keep my girls entertained. Good thing my friends over at Munchkin asked me to partner for some fun summer ideas with kids. I’m usually pretty practical when it comes to kids stuff, so for me, it really is just about putting a spin on the things I’d normally buy from Munchkin anyway.

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Ice-cream is huge in our household! We can never decide which flavors to get so we always end up getting a bunch. I love using these cute baby spoons for our tasting party. Great for portion control too – ’cause you know, the bigger the spoon, the bigger the bite these kids will take!

ice-cream tasting party

munchkin pink baby spoon


I love these sectional apple plates! Great for offering a variety of snacks (so I don’t have to keep going back and forth to the pantry for their demanding snack requests, lol) and using it for arts & craft. Hadley loves to paint and Hayden loves to bead these days!

munchkin apple food plate

munchkin baby plate


Have your kids pick their favorite fruit (or a few) and have them infuse their own flavor water. I like to keep my girls hydrated with these non-spill Miracle 360 Cups, the lid automatically reseals after drinking, so it’s perfect for active kids who are always on the move! A life-saver around my blue velvet sofa!

munchkin non-spill cups

diy fruit water

munchkin non-spill cups


These silly sandwich cutters may be just the cutest thing! I’m trying to encourage my kids to eat more fruits. Putting shapes on them always does the trick! Hadley wouldn’t dare to try cantaloupe before this. But now, she ate the whole elephant. They work great on pancakes too!

munchkin animal food cutter

fruits in animal shapes


Just like our home, who doesn’t like a little makeover from time to time, right? New bath toys always get Hayden and Hadley excited. Freshen up their bath time with these cute bath toys (so many to choose from) and add a colorful dots bath mat to keep them safe from slipping in the tub. Trust me, my girls get pretty wild in the tub!

munchkin bath toys

munchkin kids bath mat

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Happy summer, everyone!

xo Jeanne

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