2015 Calendar | Jennifer Young Studio x Good On Paper



Hey friends, how are you this week?

Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking a lot about next year already. While December is all about celebrating and Christmas shopping, I’m also taking some down time to plan for 2015. There are personal and business goals I want to accomplish, and honestly, thinking about it all is very overwhelming. But we all need to move forward, don’t we? That’s why I’m always looking for inspirations to keep me going, things as simple as a beautiful calendar.

When my friend (also my first Playdate mama), Lisa Wong Jackson of Good On Paper, shared with me her beautifully designed and inspiring 2015 calendar, I quickly placed an order (and also got one as a gift). FIY – they only have 100 copies! 

This is a special collaboration between Lisa and photographer Jennifer Young. All the breathtaking photos in the calendar are inspired by Jennifer’s travels around the world and their love of clean, simple design, coupled with hand lettering and foil printing. I fell in love with the photography and the simple one-word design. I think it’s done really tastefully, and knowing that it came from someone I know, it means even more.

I haven’t done many gift guides here as much as I thought I would this year, mainly because I realize I only want to share things that have value to me these days ~ and this is definitely one of them. Be sure to get yours here before they sell out! I’m excited to receive mine in a few days, and to gift one to someone very special in my life.

Congrats on the collab, Lisa + Jennifer!

xo Jeanne







Images via Jennifer Young Studio / Good On Paper